Why does this happen to my capsule collider at runtime?

alt text

alt text

is it just a display bug? what’s going on?
i’ve not gotten as far as moving this guy around yet, but i figure this might be an issue when i do

It’s most probably the navmesh agent causing this.

Navmesh agents wants to be placed perfectly at the navmesh. This means that they’ll often move the underlying object quite a bit when you press play, as they move into a position where they can move around.

There’s several settings you can adjust on the navmesh agent. Height and base offset are the ones I can see causing this - try to decrease the base offset first, to see if that helps. I also really, really recommend having the navmesh agent and the collider on the same object, otherwise they might interact strangely.

Okay i seem to have figured out what’s wrong, i removed the rigidbody and the navmesh agent from the child, and added the rigidbody to the parent. This is how it was supposed to be in the video.

Probably the double navmesh agents were what was causing it.