Why does this sphere have hard edges?

Just finished the roll-a-ball project. I couldn’t help but notice that even with anti-aliasing on max, the objects and the shadows (especially the shadows) seem to have harsh, jagged edges. When I look closer, the edges appear almost pixelated. Could this be a resolution issue? Or could the jagged edges on the objects be from the fill light’s shadow, given that the shadows seem especially jagged?


Also, for some reason, when I look at the sphere top down, it appears more like some type of polygon than a circle. Is this an issue, or just something built into the default sphere model?


I’m not sure why the geometry is getting aliasing, I figure something must be configured badly in the graphics settings. Anti-aliasing should work regardless of resolution.

The aliasing on the shadows is part of a different problem. This is related to the resolution of the shadow map: Unity - Manual: Shadows

Finally, Unity’s default Sphere GameObject is made of a Mesh that is rendered via a MeshRenderer. Meshes are made up of triangles, and this is why the sphere appears to have corners. You would need to write your own renderer to draw perfect spheres.

Alternatively, you could consider implementing a LOD system to try and improve the quality of the sphere at closer distances: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Level_of_detail