Why does Unity 5 reimport everything when changing between webplayer and standalone? 4.6 didn't do that.

When switching between web player and standalone builds Unity5 reimports all of the project assets (and I have thousands of them). It takes about 10 minutes on my super beast of a machine (5820k,16gb RAM, SSDs everywhere). 4.6 didn’t do this, and it would only take about 10 seconds to switch platform types. The new delay is really slowing down my workflow, as I need to build both platforms frequently.

Is there any reason why Unity 5 is doing this and 4.6 didn’t? Or, is there a setting somewhere that I need to tweak? As far as I can tell it looks like it primarily reimporting all of the .ogg files in my project (again, thousands of them).


Found the solution: Go to the offending directories and delete all of the .meta files in them. Then switch platforms. Everything will be reimported/recreated and now when switching platforms you’ll not incur the reimportation delay.

Thanks to all who responded to my question!