why does unity changes the axis of imported models?





Why every time I import a 3D model the axis are incorrect? the Z axis is in the Y axis, the Y is in the X axis and the X axis in the Z axis.

I have imported the models from two different programs (Blender & Maya) to see if it was Maya but no, its unity.

Why does this happend? its there any way to stop unity from doing that?

Models are in FBX format.

I dont know why Unity does this, but I’ve had a similar problem importing from blender.

To fix the problem before I export it to an FBX I take the x rotation in Object Mode set it to -90 degrees and zero it out. (ctrl+a and rotation in blender) Then I set the rotation to 90 degrees and export it. When I import the FBX into Unity it comes in right side up the way it was in Blender.