Why does unity not support IK solvers from 3ds max?

I am having problems with a first person weapon model. It animates perfectly in 3ds max, but when i import it to unity, it takes a dump and the arms don’t animate at all. They reset to the T pose. I have also tried baking the animations but they produce somewhat better but still crappy results.

What do i have to do to make unity accept my 3ds max arm animations?

Bake them. See if there are any settings you can adjust. Baking converts every frame into a keyframe, and extrapolates FK between, as usual, so it may always be slightly worse.

As to why IK doesn’t import, lots of reasons:

o IK is computationally a lot of work. Generally a many-bone,
contrained IK is only used in pre-rendered movie clips,
not in games. Esp. not in mobile games, where Unity is strong.

o People animate in blender, Max and Maya. Blender may be
more popular with the “indies” who use Unity. AFAIK, Maya is
considered better for animation than Max.

o There isn’t any export format which can store IK animations.

o The Max code running the IK-solver plus constraints, and the
file format, is the property of the AutoDesk corporation.

I have fixed my problems by fiddling with the importer settings, it was mostly due to the compression and angle error settings being set too high. Thanks for your co-operation!