Why does VR.WaitForGPU take up so much CPU time?

I am working with SteamVR to make a game for the HTC Vive, and I have noticed some spikes in CPU time that, according to the profiler, are due primarily to VR.WaitForGPU. I am confused as to why this function is even necessary since GPU operations are asynchronous with CPU operations. This is currently a major roadblock in development since it is cutting my framerate roughly in half (~110 down to ~50). Since this performance hit is unacceptable, especially for for VR games, I was wondering if there is a way to get around this.

Thanks in advance!

I am using Unity 5.4.0b17

@vdwtanner I’m getting the same issue, i’m pretty sure it is related to the similar Oculus function. See this thread:

As I understand, it is artificial CPU overhead inserted to synchronize with the next GPU frame. So we should be looking at how we are loading the GPU to figure out what we can do to return earlier there.

Could also be related to this issue with the anti-malware system hanging up Unity.