Why doesn't Console.WriteLine work in MonoDevelop since it's written in C#?

Why doesn’t Console.WriteLine work in MonoDevelop since it’s written in C#?
I only see Debug.Log, which itself does not exist in Visual Studio (C# compiler). Why is that?

Because you’re not writing a console application. You’re writing a Unity component.

Debug.Log “exists” in the UnityEngine namespace. Unity - Scripting API: Debug

You can use Console.WriteLine, but you will have to include it’s namespace, System, at the top of your script as a directive. using System;
Or you could write System.Console.WriteLine();

MonoDev doesn’t automatically include the System namespace, so that is why you cannot see it. Visual Studio probably doesn’t include the UnityEngine namespace by default? I have never used VS, sorry.

Anyways, using System.Console.WriteLine() does nothing inside the unity engine, because unity uses a custom console system, only accessed through UnityEngine.Debug.Log or LogError, LogWarning etc.