Why doesn't jiggle script work on my trees but can work in the sun,Why's jiggle script not working on my trees but can work in sun

I’m learning code live ( session 4 week 1) and in the recorded live, when they added jiggle script, their trees began to dancing, I’m trying to follow

them but it doesn’t work, I tried it again and put its component in the sun and it work, why it’s that ?


Same issue but no ideas!

It’s been a bit since this question was posted, but in case people are still curious, it seems that it’s related to the Mesh Combiner script held by the Environments object.
For context, the trees are set up in a hierarchy like: Environment → Trees → TreeRound/TreeBox instance.

The MeshCombiner Script Component in “Environment” has “Trees” as one of the objects listed under the “Combine Parents” section. By either removing “Trees” from this section or
by moving the actual instance of the TreeRound/TreeBox that you’re trying to animate out of the “Trees” group, the jiggler script functions as expected. I assume that the file layout/scripts used are slightly different in the 2018 version of the project, since that’s what’s being used by the course.

I’m going through this course a little late, so I don’t really know much of anything about meshes and transforms yet, but my guess is that by “Combining the meshes”, any changes to the Transform.localPosition/Transform.localScale/Transform.localRotation variables inside the Jiggler script don’t get applied. The Transform values themselves are definitely changing once the Jiggler script is added though. If anyone more knowledgeable about what could be happening has input, I’d be interested in knowing what’s going on.

tl;dr, if you just want to see the Jiggler script work on trees, the quickest way is to move where the tree object is. I’m not sure how this affects the game though.