Why doesn't my camera component spawn at the object?

So iv’e been struggling with this camera set up in unity. I try to make a camera component on my object but i end up with it spawned completely away from the object parent. The camera is not a standalone camera, which is probably why i can’t move it. it is actually part of the character. Im pretty noob to unity so please excuse me if I make some super noob mistake here, but is there any way i can make it spawn on the game character? thanks for any feedback. Here is a picture.

Since you didn’t post any code, I can’t tell you for sure… However, what I can assume the problem is, I think instead of setting the location to: whatever.transform.position, use whatever.transform.localposition.

Well the thing is, the camera is not using a script. The camera is a component of the character. The problem I am having is that when i click add component on the character model, it spawns the component over there. Sorry if there was any confusion.