Why doesnt terrain work? [SOLVED]

When I place my terrain (editor view) , bunch of errors appear in the console saying “instance: terrain”, “Failed to write to (Complicatedpathinappdata)”, “Failed creating system: (some hex number).”
And when I run my game, it just dissapears… all other scenes work well, but if I create a new one and try to add a terrain, same thing happens!
Could you please help me?
I 've tried to open and close unity.

In my case unchecking on the Terrain 3D object “LightMap static” option fixed it.

I am terribly sorry I put up a question and then solved it myself 15 minutes later.
In case anyone wants to know, I solved this by removing files from the C drive. There simply wasn’t enough memory left for the terrain to be made.
Rarely do things like this happen, I reckon, so, there, if I helped anyone, I’m glad :smiley: