Why doesn't the light fill up the room?

I have a GI setup as best I can but when it runs the light does not fill throughout the room could someone please help me out with this? here is a screenshot:

Do you have the room’s objects set to “Static” in the upper right corner of the Inspector? An object has to be static for the Global Illumination system to build a lighting solution.

You also have to have either “Precomputed Realtime GI” or “Baked GI” enabled and a lighting solution built (it may be set to autobuild, but still good to check in the bottom of the Lighting window). Be advised that building a lighting solution takes some time and you’ll have to wait for it to finish before starting your scene. You’ll also have to have Reflection Intensity to be greater than 0 and usually you’ll want at least a couple of Reflection Bounces, in the Scene tab of the Lighting window (listed under “Environment Lighting”).

Finally, your Directional Light will need to have Intensity and Bounce Intensity both greater than 0 for it to provide bounced lighting.

Does this answer your question?