Why doesn't the Web Player load from my website?

Hello everyone,

I am using the free version of Unity4 to build a Web Player for a very simple project that I put together. Everything works fine locally on a Mac as well as on a Windows environment.

However, after I upload the Web Player files on my website and I click on the link
the Default WebPlayer comes up just fine but the loading bar does not appear to load anything.

I did a similar test with the AngryBots demo last week and posted my concerns on Unity Forums. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/169978-Loading-issue-with-Web-Player-build-on-my-FTP-%28Noob%29#post1161992
I apologize for posting the same (more or less) issue again on Unity Answers, but after not receiving any feedback, I decided to try this again just in case there was some sort of copyright limitation with the demo project I was using.

The results are the same…

Could this be some sort of limitation with the free version? I am rather new at this so I suspect/hope that the answer is a fairly simple one. Thanks in advance for any sort of feedback anyone might be able to provide me with.

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Just to re-recap…

All I had to do is upgrade to IIS7 with GoDaddy.com and then create the web.config file in my root directory that defined the .unity3d file!

This is what the web.config had in it

			<mimeMap fileExtension=".unity3d" mimeType="application/vnd.unity" />		


PS Due to code display issues I had to put ( instead of < at the beginning of the first and last line

When you build your game for the web player unity should give you a folder containing two files: a .html file and a .unity3d file…

It is important that these two files stay in the same location, otherwise you will get the blank loading screen on the web player.

The same goes for when you upload it to a server - make sure they are both in the same directory (best to create a seperate folder for the game)!

Hope this helps :smiley:

Check your web-server properties. Probably .htaccess file.
It seems like your web-server cannot send your .unity3d file, because of the settings.
Allow to access to .unity3d files.
Check that your file is located in the expected location (as merry_christmas told you)

404 error tells us that there’s some problem with access to your file.
It’s not unity3d-related problem