Why Doesn't Unity Scale my Game in mobile? UNITY IS UNUSABLE AND DOSE NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED

Canvus and game set to 1920/1080. works in eaditor but is zoomed slightly in mobile.
set to o.5 and stretch to fit screen. game itself is also slightly zoomed out on width and is not fitting to the screen It’s not just the UI, the Game is zoomed out to but looks fine in editor.
No one will answer cause its broken and they cant answer it.

Here is proof its broken and dose not work.



Try printing out the actual screen size when you’re testing on your android device. I can almost guarantee, that your resolution is not what you think it is. There’s an endless list of different screen resolutions you may encounter on an android phone. It’s not clear how you setup your canvas and how it actually adapts to different resolutions. Unity’s normal camera adjusts different aspect ratios based on the height. So the vertical part will always be the same while the horizontal view may change, depending on the aspect ratio.

Trying to force one particular resolution to all devices simply can’t work. In the past I have a Nexus 7 (1st gen) which had the odd resolution of 1280 x 800 which is a ratio of 8:5 or 16:10 instead of the more common 16:9

Have you even tried different preview resolutions in the editor? You do know that the resolution you can select in the gameview inside the editor is just you know how it will roughly look like on that resolution. Your game view in the editor is also down scaled since that view is most likely not 1920 pixels wide. At the top we can see it’s currently scaled down to about 0.52. When you set a certain resolution in the game view, the Gameview emulates this specific screen resolution. Your device probably has a slightly wider screen. Some newer devices with those curved edges and what not may have even slightly larger screens.

Unity is certainly not unusable. Most games produced with Unity are mobile games. You may just use it wrong. Have you even thought about how you want to display a fix sized UI on the various screen resolutions? You can try different screen resolutions right in the game view.

What are the settings on your base canvas? The fact you have gaps at the edge of your screen leads me to believe the white panel is a child element of the canvas which isn’t set to stretch across its parent properly. If you want the white background to take up the whole screen, move it to your root canvas object (should be an image component).

I did Fit the Image across the Canvas, You Can see in the editor image that it Fills the entire screen. I even tried Over Streching it but it just Squished it back down on the Build so Yea, What you see in the Editor is Never what you get in the build.

Unity 2018, I never had these problems and was the last stable unity build was 2018, unity has been Unusable, I never had any of these Issues in 2018 and it was Fine. Ever since then Unity frustrating and full of bugs and they refuse to accept it or do anything about it but add features. They Are In Denyal. I’ve Tried Uninstalling, andf re-installing multiple versions of unity.


I Can’t finish anything for 3 years Cause Nothing Ever scales correctly / post processing dosn’t work, and is slow, crashes and full of bugs. NO ONE CARES AND THEY WILL NEVER FIX IT

It doesn’t matter what resolution the phone is. It’s impossible to set the resolution to Every phone in existence and should Automatically fit and scale it for you.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, (But yea Every phone has a different screen so making it work on just 1 phone would be pretty useless.)

I don’t Want to be Rude, But nothing is being done and Unity is becoming basically Unusable.
I’ve tried every build of 2021, and re-installed and uninstalled. and I have tried EVERY canvas setting,
Every Display screen setting. even 16:9 and always got the same BROKEN result.

I Love this software but Daym Makes you so frustrated because nothing works, you do things EXACTLY the way people in videos or online show you and LOL JOKES DOESN’T WORK

Unity Is Broken. I Used to pay for premium but Stopped in 2019 cause it became and Unusable Mess.