Why don't objects collide at the beginning?

I’m observing a strange phenomenon - objects at the very beginning do not collide, but after a few seconds the collision starts working properly (watch this video).

The Player object has 2 colliders (according to this question): one is for trigger and another one is for the collision. The trigger collider is a little bigger.

BTW I’ve just started to learn Unity3D.

The project sources.




how are you moving the object? Paste the code please (Use code sampler or Crtl+K)
-Or You are moving the “Enemy” object, and rotating it so the Little ship seems to have a circular trajectory

-Or, you are moving directly the littleship in a circular trajectories

I think you are doing the 1st way. And its strange behaviour, because changing rotation will not be solved as you think…

I’m not 100% sure, but: “You should move the transform position of the object with a collider (not rotate its parent) to get correct collisions”

Try it!



I tried a bigger scale and it works the same way.

In theOnTriggerEnter method I just change HealthPoints. Excluding OnTriggerEnter doesn’t help.

Collision mode is Discrete, it behaves the same with Continuous.

If I move the Player object just a little, the collision starts working immediately.