Why don't reflections work in Unity 2.6.1?

Hi people im a Beginner and i have the unity 2.5 fully funcional no Pro and the demo works fine the water have all the reflections of the ISLAND in there. but yerstday i change for version 2.6.1 (free version all funcional of UNITY3D.com no the 30 days pr) and now in island demo i cant see no one reflections in water even if i make daylight water is steel don't have reflections. Please people Help me i don't know how can do more. Very Thanks in Advance.

Paulo Costa

Hmm, maybe your pro trial ended on the same day, if you don't have pro then you won't be able to have reflective water, the trial ends after 30 days. Transparency should work though, try editing the color properties of the material.

The free version of Unity doesn't support render-to-textures effects and therefore, also doesn't support reflections. See also the Unity License Comparison.

If you absolutely want to have reflections, you'll have to upgrade to Unity Pro 2.6.1.