Why don't the thumbsticks on my Oculus Quest 2 controllers give output?

My friend and I have been using Unity for a while, and thought we would mess around with some VR development. I am using the Oculus Quest 2 and he is using the Oculus Quest 1. Both of us are using link cables and developing in unity for pc with xr and openxr. In our game, everything that the controllers are meant to do works for him. This includes the joysticks, buttons, and triggers. But when I load the game the only things that work are the buttons and triggers, the joysticks/thumsticks are giving no output. Does anybody know why this is?

I have no idea what is wrong but I use Quest2 and the new input system (2020.1.13f1) and this is my code.

UnityEngine.XR.InputDevice handRDevice = InputDevices.GetDeviceAtXRNode(XRNode.RightHand);
UnityEngine.XR.InputDevice handLDevice = InputDevices.GetDeviceAtXRNode(XRNode.LeftHand);
bool button1RSupported = handRDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(UnityEngine.XR.CommonUsages.primaryButton, out bool button1R);
bool stickRSupported = handRDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(UnityEngine.XR.CommonUsages.primary2DAxis, out Vector2 stickR);
bool button1LSupported = handLDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(UnityEngine.XR.CommonUsages.primaryButton, out bool button1L);
bool stickLSupported = handLDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(UnityEngine.XR.CommonUsages.primary2DAxis, out Vector2 stickL);
//use the info that we got
if (stickR.x > 0.5f || stickL.x > 0.5f) bRight = true;
if (stickR.x < -0.5f || stickL.x < -0.5f) bLeft = true;