Why dose Unity answers only accept one "Accepted answer?"

Hello all.

Why dose Unity answers only accept on "Accepted answer" it is a little weird in my opinion, because some times i get several awesome answers, but i am only able to accept 1! of them.

Why is that?

Sorry for the off-topic.

Thanks. :)

Not really an appropriate question for answers but:

This type of question/ answer board relies on both collaboration and competition. What you are suggesting would seriously dent the competitive part of the whole thingy. Unlike other similar boards, this one does tend to lean more towards the collaboration part but there are quite a few competitive spirits around here too.

With the current system you have to make sure your post contains more information or at least additional useful information than the one previously posted if you want your answer to be chosen. Combine this with the usually exemplary conduit of active board members that have the power to suggest which one is better (voting) and you get an almost bullet-proof system.

To put it differently, the scoring system would be of very little use if one could accept many questions as correct. And if the scoring system disappears than the whole competitive side of answers disappears too.