Why Frame per second script always show me 60FPS ?

The Frame Per Second Script on UNIFY COMMUNITY (HUDFPS) always shows me 60 FPS fixed
Why its showing me fixed 60 FPS ? Is my game is being fixed by Unity3D at 60FPS or not more than 60FPS

Also why the reading on FPS in STATS is different

This happens because you have VSYNC enabled. Go to:

Edit->Project Settings->Quality

The default quality profile is “Good”, so expand “Good”, and set “VSYNC Count” to “Don’t Sync”.

For anyone as stupid as me facing this issue this might be helpful: I tried everything, and spent 2 hours, but then I realized I’m on the battery, so my laptop was trying to save energy by lowering fps.

The Stats info is based only in the rendering time (how much time each frame is taking to be rendered). The actual frame rate is always lower because there are other periodic jobs being executed by Unity and the CPU.

But it seems that the Windows Unity version always stick to a maximum 60 fps, even if your scene takes one milisecond or less to be rendered. If the scene becomes too complex to render at 60 fps, the frame rate will fall below 60 - but never goes above this level.