Why GC Memory keep increasing on PS4 platform

When I play on PC,the GC Memory will randomly increase or decrease.
But GC memory will only increase and not decrease on PS4.

In the Editor, the CPU Profiler might automatically trigger the asset GC (Resource.UnloadUnsusedAssets) if it risks running out of memory for profiler data. If you leak Dynamically Runtime Create Assets (Check the Memory Profiler for those), they might hold on to Managed memory that can then get unloaded by the Managed GC in the Editor, but wouldn’t get unloaded in the Player where there is no automatism besides destructive scene loads that would trigger the Asset GC.

But also, fragmentation might be different in the Editor than in the Player. Generally, the Editor might have vastly different memory usage behavior to the Player so my advice would be to take 2 memory snapshots of the Player and compare these to find out why it increases and fix that.

Have you profiled it to see what is the source of these allocations?