why getting errors/Scene wont play, for scripts not active in scene and how 2 disable this?

why getting errors for scripts not active in scene and hwo 2 disable this?

I have seen this issue before and it is very annoying, I understand there is errors in a script but why would that prevent the scene from playing if the “Error” script is not attached to anything in the current scene and is not being used or called.

Sometimes if you want to learn and look back you need 2 keep certain scripts to look back at . so that’s the problem here

My question is, is there a way to stop this so that I can hold/have scripts with errors in my project folders so I can go back and later correct see what I was doing wrong?

there must be a way right??

and a way that does NOT include the comment out code

/*      */

All errors must be resolved before you can play the game. The best option is to resolve the error. But there are some workarounds to remove the problematic code.

  1. Comment the code
  2. Move the problematic file to the WebPlayerTemplates folder in the Assets folder. (The WebPlayerTemplates folder is not compiled)
  3. Platform custom defines to control when code is excluded or included.

Note that all these options will disable syntax highlighting in MonoDevelop for code which is excluded.