Why Google Play Store Make it HARD for Developers?

Hey, guys.

This is just suggestion to Google Play Store (named it as GPS here).

Problem: we are difficult to know which build is match for everything (device and Android version) and this is what made the size become bigger and hard to compressed.


  1. Why don’t we create games for certain device (Arm7, Intelx86, Intelx64) each and for each Android version from 4.1 to 8.0? I meant, one build for Android 5.0, Arm7 & one build for Android 5.0, Intelx86? That way, it will have a much smaller apk size.

  2. GPS will detect automatically the device version and hardware. If it is Arm7 and Android 5,0 then the current apk build will be made available only for that type of build. Is this even possible?

Quick google search revealed: multiple apks