Why i can't install unity 4.2.2

I’ve got Windows7, got unity installer for windows, but i can’t install unity because i’ve got 64 bit, may be there is some specifics to install it on 64bit Win? i don’t want reinstall Win 32bit

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Install using Compatibility Mode? That might possibly work! :wink:

There shouldn’t be any issue running 32bit applications on Windows 64bit - that’s what WoW64 is for.

I don’t have Windows 7, but I’m running Unity32 bit on two machines with Windows 8 64bit (in fact, most Windows applications are still written as 32bit - anything that’s installed in your /Program Files (x86) directory is 32bit - anything in /Program Files is 64bit). It could be a driver problem - what graphics card do you have? Can you paste the complete (untranslated) error message?