Why i cant see the inside form a Object ?


If i go inside a Object i cant see the inside of the Object.

Exists a way to see the Inside of a Object ?


Unity automatically performs backface culling, which means it doesn't render polygons if you're looking at their backside.

This is a commonly asked question so there are plenty of answers already given. Try using a double sided shader like they said in this post: link

If you want to make a house (or something you need to be able to walk into) and you don't want to use custom shaders, you could also try using double walls. A wall for the interior of the house and another one for the exterior, facing away from each other. You can make them face the right direction by playing with the normals in your 3D modelling program.

Thank you very much for help.

I use now this Shader: http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Components/SL-CullAndDepth.html

But in this Shader dont exis a Bump Channel (Normalmap) :(

I had try to write in this shader a Bump Channel without succes.

Can you help me ?

regards, Alan


I got it :)


regards, Alan

Yes that i meant,

if i build the inside of a House i cant see everything :(