why is Animation Rigging sending my rigged humanoid into space?!?!?

so I’ve just spent days watching all the tutorials about how to rig in blender for unity, followed every step and when i use multi aim constraint (or any part of Animation Rigging package) my character will be shifted way up into the air while my collider stay on the ground. regular animation works perfectly, its only when I turn on the rig builder the character goes up.WHY!?

I tried rigging my character in mixamo and that worked to stop the character being sent into space but the weight paint is entirely wrong with mixamo.

How do I ensure my character will stay in place with the rig I made?

@K3IRRR Ok. Check the root bone of your character. If 100 scale there, then in Blender in export to FBX you need to set “Apply Scalings” to “FBX Units scale”. Also “!!Experimental…” must be unchecked.

Same here. Wish some help. Generic rig is ok. But when humanoid type set and used “rig builder”, mesh moved down.

This fixed my same issue. Thanks for the concise solution!!