Why is bloom effect generating light halos, and why only on particle system lights?


I have a weird problem with post processing in my scene.
I have a simple particle system with lights attached to it. When I enable bloom post process effect all the lights in particle system are gaining huge halos. Separate light, outside of particle system but made from the same prefab does not have this halo effect. I am using LWRP (no idea if it changes anything).

I would very much like to remove this halo effect.
It would be great if someone could help me understand why this effect appears.
Is this even a feature, or a bug? If feature, why are particle lights treated differently from scene lights?

See image for visual aid:

Oh, sorry, nevermind.

I have just realised that these are not light halos… I have attached trails to my particles, and it seems that they are brightened by the light and then bloom effect kicks in way stronger than I expected