Why is my 2D voxel game terribly unoptimized?

Up until recently, it has been fine. However I opened up the project today and I hit play, and it took about 12 seconds to run. The grid of tiles adds up to 16^2 * 8 * 16. However I’ve already generated it and I’m not regenerating it on start. In fact, none of the tiles are programmed to do anything upon start. I use a sprite material I made with pixel snap to render them. I just wonder if the population of my scene as of now is too large to run all at once. I even tried deactivating all my tiles and running, but no luck. Anyways hope this can get resolved. Thanks!


For some reason the scripts attached to each individual tile is what is causing this. Is there a way to optimize this, or should I make a manager that handles this stuff?

Why are there scripts attached to every different tile? Why not make all your tiles one game object by checking tiles as “static” I got a better performance.

You might want to try this program for tilesets:

and import the maps you make using

to learn how to use this go to