Why is my admob banner ad not showing ??

My banner ad should be working, and in the editor it is sending me 6 messages as follows:

UnityAdsEditor: Initialize(, True);

Dummy .ctor

Dummy Initialize

Dummy .ctor

Dummy CreateBannerView

Dummy LoadAd

However no dummy ad or any kind of ad is showing in the scene view, and i did publish my game, using my ad id and the game doesn’t have a banner ad showing as well.

i may also note that in admob when i click on my ad unit it has written under mediation groups 0 active and under campaigns 0 enabled

i did link my app in admob from google play and its been almost 2 weeks of me not knowing how to solve this problem, any help?

just to note i am using unity 2018.2.15f1

Hello, I’m having the same problem here, did you manage to make it work ?

Have you checked the Logcat? use Android Studio to debug further.
Check this post: https://answers.unity.com/questions/1832325/banner-admob-is-not-showing-on-android.html?childToView=1832350#answer-1832350