Why is my animation being started, but is not actually playing?

As you can see in the first picture, my pause menu defaults to not showing, and it does this fine. But, when I set a Boolean called “pause” to true, my animation controller successfully transitions the animations but the animation immediately stops and does not play any of it. I am unsure why, as can be seen in the second picture, the animation is not playing even though it transitions successfully.

void Start () {

        pauseMenuUI.GetComponent<PauseMenuUI>().m_Anim.SetBool("Pause", false);

        Time.timeScale = 1;

This code is in the void start, and initially sets the Boolean for pause to false.

void Update () {

        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape))
            print("Open Pause Menu");
            Time.timeScale = 0;
            pauseMenuUI.GetComponent<PauseMenuUI>().m_Anim.SetBool("Pause", true);

This code sets the Boolean of pause to true when escape it hit.
Please reply back because I cannot find an answer to this problem anywhere.

@Mavina Okay, it was because I was setting Time.timeScale = 0, which was forcing all animations to stop. Do you know anyway that I can pause my game but still have certain animations play?