Why is my animation not fully animated when I import it into Unity3d?

Well idk if I can explain any further but here’s a few images of my examples.


![Is this some sort of glitch? it looks just fine in Blender. I also have another animation that does this aswell, but not as bad.
It’s like for some reason it’s ignoring every animation from my lower body. I don’t get it. I don’t think its my bones or vertex groups because they seem to sync perfectly in Unity3d.

any help would be appreciated.][2]

ok check this out - first off you should change a little your export setup like this:


then you’ll follow the usual procedure to prepare the humanoid in unity but with one additional step as is, you must clamp each animation selecting it and then clicking the clamp button:

Don’t ask me why you have to do that, but also I did it for mine animations therefore looks like the blender exporter is a bit buggy there.