Why is my Animation View... incorrect?


I’m following a tutorial and I’m trying to add an event to a pre-existing animation I have on a player weapon.
When I open the animation view there is no dropdown to choose a game object and having one selected beforehand from the heirarchy has no effect.
I can not open the animation for some reason and I can not figure out why with my lowly amount of Unity understanding.
There is only one dropdown in the Animation View and all it offers is New Clip.
MY ANIMATION IS ALREADY LEGACY-IZED. I changed its type to ‘1’ on the debug inspector.

Any help is super appreciated. I’m running into far too many insanely weird scenarios and starting to doubt Unity or the tutorial at this point.

Sorry, I did not see the screenshot first. You are absolutely correct. The problem is that you can not have an Animation and an Animator component on the same GameObject, they would conflict with each other. That is why there are no animations showing in the list because it is sort of disabled because of the Animator component.

If you remove the Animator the list should appear properly after re-selecting the object.