Why Is My Camera in the Survival Shooter Tutorial Not Positioned on the Player?

Hey game developers! I’m having serious trouble with making the Survival Shooter Game. I am doing this tutorial for a Digital Arts assignment. My teacher doesn’t explain the parts of the game in depth; he rarely teaches. He just has us watch videos all the time, but videos aren’t always a s helpful as the teacher talking about it. I am really creative and pretty artistic, but coding is a new mystery to me. Unfortunately, my camera is not positioned on the player when I play the game. I do not know how to change the position of the camera so it’s positioned on the player the whole duration of the game. Please help me ASAP if you can!

make the camera a child of the player, like this:

Drag your camera in the hierarchy view onto the player object. This sets the parent of the camera to the player, so when the player moves the position relative to the player remains the same. Adjust the camera until it is at the ideal position.
(If you want something that doesn’t follow constantly, but is a bit more natural, you’ll have to code a script for that).