Why is my camera motion so jittery?

I have been working on trying to smooth out my camera motion for my game for days and I cannot get it to a reasonable level of smoothness. Are there any corrections to this code that I can make that will improve the smoothness? I have tried the moveTowards() function as well and it didn’t help.

/**************************** CAMERA MOVEMENT *********************************/

void FixedUpdate () {
			//Do we need to spawn new platforms yet? 
			Vector2 playerHeight = playerTransform.position;
			if (playerHeight.y > nextPlatformCheck) {
					PlatformMaintenaince (); //Spawn new platforms
			//Update camera position if the player has climbed 
			Vector2 currentCameraHeight = transform.position;
			if (playerTransform.position.y > currentCameraHeight.y) 
			transform.position = Vector2.Lerp(new Vector2(transform.position.x,0.0f), new Vector2(0.0f, playerHeight.y), smooth * Time.deltaTime);
			else {
					// If player is too low, gameover.
					if ((playerHeight.y) < (currentCameraHeight.y - 5.5)) {

Maybe it’s because it’s in FixedUpdate(), try putting it in Update ()

Does your player have a RigidBody2D component? If so, change the Interpolate drop down box value from “none” to “interpolate.”

I was having very jittery camera movement and this solved it.

Put it in LateUpdate()