Why is my camera movement not working?,Hey, so I made some code but...

So, I’m making my first game, and when I hop into playmode, the code I wrote isn’t doing what I want it to do. It’s a first person camera controller. I’m new to unity, so that might be the reason why my code sucks.

I made some code for a basic camera controller, but when I go into the game, it doesn’t want to work. I’m new to unity, so there are probably some major problems with it. Here’s the code, BTW…

public float sensX;
public float sensY;

public Transform orientation;

float xRotation;
float yRotation;

private void Start()
	Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;
	Cursor.visible = false;

private void Update()
	//get mouse input
	float mouseX = Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X") * Time.deltaTime * sensX;
	float mouseY = Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y") * Time.deltaTime * sensY;

	yRotation += mouseX;

	xRotation -= mouseY;


Oh, wait, why did the code post twice? Whatever.

Please format the question as a specific technical question. This isnt a place to just ask people to debug your code for you