Why is my canvas not going away on scene load in build, but is in editor?

I’ve been putting together a game with different canvases in each scene. When I run the game in the editor the UI changes between scenes just fine, but when I made a test build the canvas from the first scene persists into the second. Why is this happening in the build version?

Recording: - YouTube

Check you camera settings as well ,i had same problem because i set the camera on Don’t Clear , when i set it back to Skybox issue been resolved.

I was experimenting with some things and it seems having the main camera output to a render texture was causing the problem. I have no idea why this is fine in editor, but breaks the whole UI in build.

Thanks to DiegoSLTS! Your suggestion to use development mode let me see the error

releasing render texture that is set to be rendertexture.active

when transitioning from the scenes with broken UI to those that were fine. The error message wasn’t showing in editor either, so if anyone can clue me into why there’s a discrepancy or the parts of the manual/scripting api I missed that would be wonderful.