Why is my character changing position everytime it plays other animation aside from idle?,The position of my character lowers down even with collision

Hi, Im just new with unity and I only learned how to use it because of Brackeys , in his video about player animation using 2D character I tried it to my own sprites but my charater lowers down(Y-axis) even with a collision on it. How can make it not lower the character when i use the arrow keys to move? It only does it with a animation but if i remove the animation its alright. Do I need to put a collision to my other animations?,I have a character that has a run animation. Everytime i move it with the arrow keys it changes the position and lowers it then if im not moving again it goes back to normal. Do i also need to set a collision to my other animation?


I dont know very much about animations, but I think you should learn about this…: