Why is my destroy platform script now working? NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class PlatformDestroyer : MonoBehaviour {

	public GameObject platformDestructionPoint;

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		platformDestructionPoint = GameObject.Find ("PlatformDestructionPoint");	
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
		if(transform.position.x < platformDestructionPoint.transform.position.x)
			Destroy (gameObject);


Hello, I am a complete beginner to Unity and am trying to learn by following a 2d endless runner tutorial. So far it has been well, but when trying to create a script that destroys platforms after my character passes by I keep getting an error message. It has something to do with line 16 of my code and I have no idea what it means or how to fix it. Please help me to fix my problem. Thank you!

I’d guess your “platformDestructionPoint” reference is null. If that’s the case, then this code in Start() isn’t finding the specified object:

 platformDestructionPoint = GameObject.Find ("PlatformDestructionPoint");  

Do you really have an object named “PlatformDestructionPoint” in the game? Is the spelling (and character case) exactly correct?