Why is my input axis behaving as an integer?

I’ve set up the right trigger (10th axis) to “Fire1” in the InputManager, but the trigger only ever gives me the values of 0 or 1 during gameplay. I know that my controller supports a range of values on the triggers, because I have used it with other games. So why is Unity treating my trigger like a button?

Code snippet:

gameObject.GetComponent ().AddForce (transform.up * 50.0f * Input.GetAxis ("Fire1"));

Going off of what @zach.r.d said, I believe that Fire 1 is a value/integer in this sense. You should probably change Fie 1 to a joystick axis in the input manager.

Already had it set to “Joystic Axis”, sensitivity was the problem. Thanks, guys! It’s odd that unity had the sensitivity defaulted to 1000 instead of 1.

Sensitivity is probably too high?