Why Is My On Trigger Enter Not Working

using System.Collections.Generic;

public class CamelAI : MonoBehaviour {
	public Waypoint[] Waypoints;
	public static CamelAI Instance;
	public Vector3 MoveVector = Vector3.zero;
	public bool GenarateVector;
	public GameObject MuliPlayer;

	void Awake(){
		Waypoints = FindObjectsOfType<Waypoint> ();
		Instance = this;

	void Start(){
		MuliPlayer = null;

	//THE MOVEMENT TO THE VECTOR/POSITION----------------------------------------------
	void Update(){
			Waypoint wp = FindClosestWaypoint (transform, Mathf.Infinity);
			float x = wp.transform.position.x;
			float z = wp.transform.position.z;
			float y = wp.transform.position.y;
			MoveVector = new Vector3 (x, y, z);
			transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp (transform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation (MoveVector - transform.position), 1f * Time.deltaTime);
			transform.position = Vector3.Slerp (transform.position, MoveVector, 0.0005f * Time.deltaTime);

		//Player Controller Part----------------------------------------------------------------
		// End Player Controller Part----------------------------------------------------------------
	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other){
		if(other = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player"){
		MuliPlayer = other.gameObject;

	//THE END OF MOVMENT------------------------------------------------------------------
	public Waypoint FindClosestWaypoint(Transform obj, float Range){
		Waypoint curClosest = null;
		float distance = Mathf.Infinity;
		Vector3 Pos = obj.position;

		foreach (Waypoint wp in Waypoints) {
			Vector3 diffrence = wp.transform.position - Pos;
			float magnutude = diffrence.sqrMagnitude;
			if(magnutude < distance){
				curClosest = wp;
				distance = magnutude;
		return curClosest;

	void OnDrawGizmos(){
		Gizmos.DrawLine(transform.position, FindClosestWaypoint(transform, 100000).transform.position);

The Error says Unexpected symbol `{’ But if I remove the { it says thet MuliPlayer Could not be found. What is going on;

You are missing a ‘)’ to close off your ‘if’ statement. Add a ‘)’ just before the ‘{’

For future posts of syntax errors, please include a copy of the error from the console. It gives us helpful information like the line number of the error and some of the stack trace.

There is also a single “=” symbol in your test.