Why is my particle system not playing???

Ok so I am using very simple particle systems in my game, a rain system and the sparkle rising system build in to unity. When I play a level initially, the particles work just fine, however, if I press a button I made to go back to the main menu, when the scene loads , the particle system no longer works. same as when I load back into the level. Why is this and how can I fix or work around this?

Fixed it, and I feel so dumb. Had nothing to do with the particle system at all… Didn’t realize that when you set the time scale to 0 in a pause menu, it carries over into other levels. This actually solves a few more problems I was having too!

reset the Time.timeScale = 1; before the start scene loading . Application.LoadLevel(0);
in my case it work fine

Set particle system to static. It will restart simulating whenever the scene reloads. @Bananaman

I feel so stupid, I has similar or same problem.

I have a particle system on main menu, I start a game, and then return to the main menu but the particle system does not work.

The problem was Time.timeScale = 0; because before return the main menu the game was paused.

The fix, when main menu scene will loaded, Time.timeScale must be return to 1