Why is my point light only shining in one direction?

Currently running my build in Android, I tested out Deferred vs Forward rendering, tried different shaders, moved the light around, but the point light is only shining in one direction…

It could be a problem with the normals maps.

I have seen similar problem when messing with my normals maps…

As i make my normals maps from another programs, i must import
it in a strange manner… By default it’s set to sprite.

  1. i set it to texture and true color

  2. set it to normals maps with grayscale off

if i don’t do the first step there will be error…

I had this problem on some run-time procedurally generated terrain in my project. The fix was this: in the textures I had assigned using the editor (having selected the terrain and entered the texture portion of the options), I had added a texture in the “normal” selection box. Removing that texture fixed the problem, as it must have let the engine calculate the normals.

I actually have no idea why that happens. Usually I’d say delete it and then replace it, but, you probably did that. I would just advise doing either a directional light, maybe a slanted spotlight, or as stated earlier, delete, and try again. Maybe even exit the project, open another, and then return to this. Or do that with a scene. Best of luck with your project (it looks cool)!