Why is my projection messed up and green in my Android VR build but not in my game view?

Hi, I am new to unity using 2019.3.7f1 with the “Projector Simulator” asset pack installed.

I am creating an Android game/tour application for an Oculus Go and trying to get these projectors to work. At the moment my problem is very hard to correct as it only appears when I have finished building and adding it to my Oculus Go.

I am using projectors which both show up perfectly running in my scene & game window however are pure green in the finished build. I also find that sometimes they only appear at certain angles which is even more confusing. For example, if i have my character perpendicular to the projection and looking straight then the projection shows up but if I look directly at it, it disappears again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hi Ethan, Projector Simulator dev here.

It sounds like a pixel light count problem. The documentation regarding Oculus Go and Unity seems to say to avoid using more than one pixel light… I am not sure if this is just a recommendation for performance or if they cap it on the device regardless of what settings you use.

The Go could be using a different quality level than the scene view - did you increase the pixel light count on all quality levels?

You could also try setting Render Mode of the 3 spotlights under each projector to “Important”.

The only other thing I can think of is switching from Forward rendering to Deferred, but the documentation advises against this for performance reasons. Might be worth a try if all else fails. Sorry, I don’t have a Go to test with myself.

There is a forum thread for Projector Simulator which is a more appropriate place for specific asset-related issues (as most users here won’t be familiar with Projector Simulator). I know I need to make this easier to find. Please post your results here once you have tried the above: