Why is my raycast not working?

I am trying to create a raycast to extend from the bottom left of a player to the bottom right as I am going to create a super mario bros type game.

My goal is to make a script that when the raycast on the bottom of my player hits the enemy (when I jump on them) it kills them. But I cant get the raycast to display, any tips or do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of what raycasts are supposed to be used for?

My code is below, it is in the update function

            Vector2 playerSize = GetComponent<BoxCollider2D>().bounds.size;

            RaycastHit2D attackJump = Physics2D.Raycast(jumpRayObject.transform.position, 
            Vector2.right, playerSize.x);

            Debug.DrawRay(jumpRayObject.transform.position, Vector2.right * attackJump.distance, 

Try to use Debug.DrawLine() and ensure that the end position is set to the end point of the ray cast. This will help you determine where your raycast is actually going- and where it’s hitting.