why is my "simple" android game lagging?

I´m having problems with my very simple android game. There are obstacles moving top down and they are very laggy, they are moving down in IDK like 30 fps? I don´t know if the problem is with the script itself or anything wrong in my settings.

Full EDIT:

I realized that my game is consistantly playing on 15-50 fps, and 70% of the power is CPU. I guess there is something wrong in my settings, I tried few things under quality options but none of them seem to work. Besides that even when I run my game on my PC it˙s a bit laggy.

all help is appreciated, thanks!

Thats what I´m getting Graphics.PresentAndSync > Device.Present,
also VSync is off and my phone is huawei G7 running android 4.4.4, and I´m pretty sure there
shouldn´t be anything wrong with my phone;

The obstacles are nothing more complicated than black cubes and on the profiler it says that 70% of the power is taking CPU not any script. There has to be a problem in my settings.

Constantly Instantiating every 1.5 seconds doesn’t sound very efficient.

Try a pool system and recycle the obstacles. If that doesn’t improve anything, then maybe the obstacles are too complex, or have an excessive amount of draw calls.