Why is my sphere passing through my capsule?

Not sure if I’m overlooking something simple or misunderstanding how this should work, but despite my sphere and capsule both having colliders and my sphere being a rigidbody, it’s still passing through my capsule rather than colliding with it. Here are some images showing my capsule collider settings, sphere collider settings, the only script file I have effecting these two objects, and a link to a video showing the error. Obvious to all I’m sure, it’s suppose to hit the paddle, not pass through.




because they are Trigger

if collider is a trigger it won’t work as a collider but as a event function that can be writen with script

and what’s the proplem with newbies they all seem to want to post pictures of codes instead of posting the code?, …

How about that transform.Translate?

To make colliders work properly you should use AddForce or MovePosition.

Translate can teleport colliders through each other.