Why is my sprite invisible when infront of the background layers?

I’ve been trying to make the first level of my game, and I’ve run into a problem where my sprite completely disappear from the scene whenever it’s in front of the background layers I’ve implemented but appears just fine when said layers are turned off. I made my character sprite using Photoshop and added bones to it via the unity sprite editor. I’ve tried adjusting the order of the layers but so far nothing works. I’m completely stuck.

Here are some screenshots (with background and without background)

Any solutions?
Thanks for reading.

You’re background layers are in front of the player. Check the sort layer and sorting value in the Renderer component on each object, and also the transform z value. Smaller z values are closer to the camera for objects in the same sorting layer at the same sort order value.

It worked, thank you so much!
It took some effort, but after fiddling with the sorting layer I was able to manage it.
Let me know if you need help with something, so I can pay you back