Why is my sprite missing after building the project?

Hi guys and gals,
i have some large sprites (png with alpha, 2048*2048, RGBA Compressed DXT5), directly rendered out of Aftereffects. I use them for a long animation (1200 frames), knowing that’s bad practice.
Everything works as expected (no problems in preview mode), but when i build the project for mac (x64, only 16:9) i miss them. I already fiddled around with import settings “override for standalone”, “mipmaps” and “filter modes” with no success. Also putting single frames into the scene without animating got the same issue. On my research i found some hints towards render issues without ordering layers, which didn’t solve the problem, too.

What makes me curious about this, is the perfectly working preview mode. Is there any known memory/garbage collection/magic sprite black hole bug i did oversee? Any memory limitation i have to configure in project build settings?
All other objects in this scene work in preview and built.

Thanks in advance!

Usually, difference between Editor and Build happens when you don’t set up script order. If you have few gameObjects that uses/manipulates the sprite inside same method (Start, Awake ext), script orders could different.

Check this documentation: Unity - Manual: Script Execution Order settings