Why is my terrain dark in the distance? (It gets lighter when moving closer.)

Hey folks,

Well I've searched and searched this forum and I can't seem to find an answer to this problem I have - here are a few screenshots. The light fades out at a distance, but when I walk toward the darkness it gradually gets lighter. How can I fix this distance thing? Thanks. alt text alt text

Try setting the "Billboard Start" setting in the terrain properties to a higher value. For some reason it seems to me, that this billboard Start threshold affects the border, where unity switches betweeen pixel light and the pre-calculated lightmap, too.

Same goes for "Base Map Distance". Both sliders are affecting the pixel light view distance. At least it's my experience.

Can you please explain your problem more thoroughly? Often unexpected lighting is the result of performance optimization. As the camera's distance from any given light changes, Unity will give different priority to it in rendering, which may cause lights to "pop" in or out, or other unexpected behaviour. You can change these settings in Edit->Project Settings->Quality. For example, I always set my editor quality to Fantastic and set the max number of lights per object to ~20. This solves most light problems.

I see you are using a terrain. Consider using vertex or pixel lighting for it.

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oxl, thank you, it's really a the solution

In my case it was the “Fade Length” parameter. At first (by default?) set to value of 5. When player got higher on the terrain, the lower parts got darker and were moving along with the player. When I changed the param to 100 (maybe it’s even to high), the problem was gone.