Why is my Texture going bananas?

Hello Unity! I have a real annoying problem.

I imported a Shirt for my character from Blender and then all of a sudden it shows up like this.[28869-helps+2.png|28869]

This is how it looks In Blender. And this is how I want it.


It’s like it’s using a different Texture or sumthing.
I noticed that my elements all have the same name. And no matter what I do it just keeps importing the same 3 Materials which aren’t even listed in my Blender Materials.

I’m not pinning the blame on Unity for this one. I believe it has sumthing to do with Blender because this isn’t the 1st time I had problems with textures involving blender.
But I didn’t know if I should post this in a Blender Forum or Unity. But I decided Unity since it occurs here.

I also would like to know is there a way I can just import my materials instead of importing the same model over and over again just to get a new texture?

If you can help I’d appreciate it.

You could try different shaders. I don’t know what format you import from Blender, but it’s best to try with .fbx and import your textures separately into Unity, make materials with right shaders for them, and then apply to the imported .fbx model.

Answer can be found here if you need it Unity Dudes!