Why is my UI text hidden behind my UI image?

I’m trying to build a UI screen. I have an image for a background window, and some text (TMP) to appear in front of the window.
However the image is drawn “in front of” the text, so the text cannot be seen.
I tried adjusting to the Poz Z in the Rect transform to make sure the text is drawn on top, but it isn’t changing the drawing order.
I can spin the camera around in 3D and see the text if I view it at a weird angle where the background image doesn’t block it, but the background image is always drawn “over” the text.

Hi @Marscaleb

Can you send an image of the order in which the UI elements are put in the hierarchy? Maybe your image and text are in the ‘wrong’ order?
A little less practical solution could be just using two separate canvases and just adjusting the text canvas to have a higher order in layer.

Let me know what happens.