Why is my unity black?

My whole unity is turning black except the scene and game view when you click play. Does anyone know a fix for this? I included the picture of the problem for your reference. I also tried re-installing unity but it didn’t work.,My unity is turnng black except the scene and game view when you click the play button. Does anyone know a fix for this?
See the attached picture for the problem.

After clicking Play, can you actually play the game?

What is the color set in the Play tint, in the Preferences?

I see two possible reasons, though it depends on the actual behaviour.

  • If Unity does not respond anymore, you probably have an infinite loop somewhere in your code which makes the editor hang. So a classical user error.
  • If Unity does not hang but just has rendering issues, it might be an issue with your GPU or your GPU driver.
  • Rendering issues may also be caused by certain invasive global plugins which inject themselfs into other applications. Things like Fraps, Nvidia Experience and even the Steam overlay (though that would only have an effect if you start the Unity editor over steam ^^).
  • Another reason could be that the hang is just temporarily because you may use a system that requires heavy initial calculations which take a long time.

That said, just based on the image, I tend more to point number 2 or 3. “Usually” when the Unity editor hangs, you still see the play button controls, they are just stuck.